Thanks to my good friend Christy at Connect with Christy, I was inspired to start a blog. Nothing special – just anything this mom of two feels like sharing with the world that day.

I have two main hobbies – building furniture and cooking. I’m not particularly good at either of them, but the furniture doesn’t collapse and the food is edible. ☺ I rearrange our house a lot – probably more than my husband cares for – you know “my inspiration is his perspiration”. I re-purpose and refinish furniture – for fun!  We’ve built a desk inside of a closet. I’ve built a kitchen island, queen-size headboard, a coat rack and most recently two kid-size desks.  I like to dabble in arts and crafts – stenciled plates, Happy Planner, sewing, etc.  I’m known for looking at and recreating Pinterest pins…some of them are awesome and some of them fail. More often than not, I’ve ended up with something completely unintended – a happy accident if you will.

You probably won’t see many posts about gardening.  I REALLY don’t like being in the dirt with the bugs and critters. I don’t do critters. If they fly, hop, slither, or wiggle, you will see me drop everything and freak out until it is scared away. Now, I have tried gardening. The first year of our own official garden, we did very well. We did not have to buy tomatoes, green onions, lemons, jalapenos, blueberries or bell peppers at the store all summer. Pat on the back!  The second, third and fourth year, not so much. So, the garden has been dug up and the grass has died (yep, the backyard is one big dirt field right now.) I can’t keep house plants alive. I’ve got an Aloe plant and a palm that is barely hanging on for life at the office (their saving grace is that they sit on a window sill).  So, I don’t see a future career in grounds keeping for me…moving on…

As a wife and working mom of two, the saying, “Working smarter, not harder” rings truer now more than ever.  I need easy, I need quick, and I need efficient. Whether that applies to home improvement projects or cooking meals or staying organized for the many extra-curricular activities – having faith, working smart, and simply loving what I do is vital for my work life balance.